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Water System Information &
User Responsibilities

Sun Cove owns its own private water system, coming from two wells. Learn more about Sun Cove's water system here. Please familiarize yourself with the water use regulations outlined below. And use the additional resource links below to support your water use management. 

old water tower.webp
Old Sun Cove Water Tower

— Photo courtesy of Dick Rowley




Water is covered by the community's HOA dues, and is relatively carefree. Sun Cove does not have unlimited water rights, but the rights it does have are above average (119.26 million gallons a year).


However, there are two main regulations to be aware of.



Serious over-usage (due to a leak, etc) could lead to a fine. At the beginning of every month, the Association staff does a read of each water meter to see how much water was used the previous month.


To view your consumption, click HERE.

The Association does not currently have a limit on members' water usage or charge its members for water overage. However, if Sun Cove reaches its cap on water rights, measures must be taken to ensure compliance with the law.



Once per year the association coordinates and pays for backflow testing for all lots. If a person fails to cooperate or make their home available for the back flow testing the risk a water line shut off.  


Each winter it's important to winterize your property to avoid burst pipes. Find all information on how to winterize your pipes properly here

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