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Water Cross Connection

The most common cross-connection is in-ground irrigation systems. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and any system that connects a hazardous chemical to the public water supply are also cross-connections.

For more information on cross-connection, view the American Water Works Association pamphlet.

All cross-connections require protection. This is called cross-connection control. By law (WAC 246-290-490), Sun Cove must be in compliance with Cross Connection Control regulations. To comply with these regulations, all members with cross-connections are required to have a backflow prevention device installed on their water line and have it tested yearly for functionality.


These devices are called backflow assemblies. There are different types of backflow assemblies depending on the cross-connection type. To learn more about backflow assemblies, view the American Water Works Association pamphlet.

To determine if a cross-connection exists, beginning in 2015, Sun Cove staff sends out a Cross-Connection Control survey every 5 years to all members connected to the Sun Cove water system. This survey also determines what type of backflow assembly is required.


If you have a cross-connection and don't have a backflow assembly installed, a landscaper or plumber can install one for you. If you have a backflow assembly installed, Sun Cove has a Backflow Device Test Program. Information regarding this program is sent out every Spring.

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