Updated: Sep 23, 2020

June 18th, 2020 Association Members, Your POOL IS OPENING TOMORROW with restrictions outlined below. Hours will be 8 am-7 pm Friday-Wednesday (closed Thursday). Our management team has been busy developing a plan to reopen our pool and clubhouse that complies with our local health department guidance received last week. Link provided should you wish to review: click here. The requirements are extensive and took some time to prepare for and the majority of the Board have now approved the operating plan. Opening will require changes to our past preferences and practices and compliance is key to our ability to remain open, as fines are up to $10,000! We may only operate if we can meet and maintain ALL the following requirements: COMPANY/STAFF: - Company to ensure staff can remain safe while performing the many additional duties required by provide personal protective equipment and education about coronavirus. - Company to educate staff on how to prevent COVID spread and what to do if they have any symptoms. - Provide hand sanitizer. - Staff will maintain six-foot separation from each other and facility users. - Require facial coverings (unless working alone). - Require frequent and adequate hand washing. - Company to establish a housekeeping schedule. - Company to designate a site-specific COVID-19 Supervisor. - Company shall develop a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation and recovery plan. - Employee may refuse to perform unsafe work (such a cleaning). - Keep a log of all users for tracking use if needed. - Restrict the capacity of the facilities to 25% of normal capacity (pool and deck 45). To do this we will:

1. Not supply deck furniture (as current staff cannot perform sanitization requirements) and to encourage fair use to all members with the limited hours and capacity requirements.

2. Provide Online Scheduling- To ensure all have fair use of the facilities, ALL will be required to schedule use in hour blocks. If a user is found scheduling multiple blocks of time, you will be denied access altogether. If the next time block is not filled, you may request to remain but if this becomes daunting, due to majority of existing users making the same request, all will be asked to exit to allow the next group of 45 users access.

The scheduling software also requires acknowledgement of the facility use requirements and risks. This will instantly develop a log of users, an earlier referenced requirement, and eliminate the need for printed waivers at the door. A link to this schedule will be provided on the website at USERS will be strongly encouraged to: - Maintain six-foot separation from non-family members (in the water, on the deck, in the restrooms or other communal areas. - Wear face covering when not in the water. - Wash hands frequently. - Change into swimming attire before/after facility use. - Use outdoor shower before leaving facility. USERS will: - Schedule time for 1-hour use - or

click here. - Exit the pool deck after scheduled time has expired (to allow those waiting to enter). - Respect staff or receive a $500 immediate fine. The board will continue to assess:

1. What will it cost to comply with ALL these requirements? 2. How many hours can we be open and still perform required sanitation, given available staff? Should additional staff be hired to extend the hours of operation? 3. How can we ensure our members feel they have equal access to the available pool time? 4. How much longer will it be before we return to normal operations? 5. Given these, are we offering our members enough satisfaction and value to warrant remaining open? These challenges will be examined at the Board meeting June 26th. If users do not comply with the requirements, or too many complaints are received, the facility may close until another plan can be developed. Your Board members continue to share information found and exchange views. Thank you for your cooperation! Stay safe and healthy. Sincerely, Bill Tucker, President The Lake Entiat Estates Board This information is subject to change. It is published with the understanding that Lake Entiat Lodge Associated/Sun Cove is not providing legal, accounting, medical, or other professional services or advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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