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Meetings can be joined via the online website, by downloading the software on your computer, by downloading the app on a mobile device, or by calling on your phone. Once you register (on our website or through the link in this newsletter) and your registration is approved, you will receive an email with the details of the meeting (including the meeting ID). The email will also contain a link to join the meeting, and a list of phone numbers to join via phone. Please keep this email for the day of the meeting. You will also receive a meeting reminder the day before the meeting via the email you registered with.


All members attending meetings will be muted. If there is something you wish to be discussed at the meeting, please submit a letter at least 12 days before the meeting to allow time for review. Letters can be sent to the association office or emailed to You may also submit questions and comments during the meeting via the chat function. To access the chat, hover your mouse at the bottom of the meeting screen until a toolbar pops up. On the toolbar will be a button to open chat. Keep in mind messages sent through chat can be set to go to everyone in the meeting, or to a particular person. Make sure you have the right audience selected. At the end of the meeting members will be unmuted, should they have something to say. Please note that member correspondence will be answered as time allows.

Consult the options below for help on how to join via the device of your choice!


Creative Mess

Everyone agrees: Smartphones aren’t “the way of the future,” they’re the way of the now. Analytics from January 2018 to January 2019 show that on average, electronic correspondence sent to the membership by the Association is viewed more on phones rather than desktop computers. If you have a smartphone, you’re in luck—joining a Zoom meeting is as easy as clicking a button!

- easiest -
Business Breakfast

Many computers and/or laptops do not come with their own speakers installed, so be sure to test out your system before-hand, otherwise you'll be able to see the meeting, but not hear it! If you don't have external speakers or headphones, but do have a landline, you may alternatively put together a half-and-half system by using your computer to see the meeting, and dialing in with a landline in order to hear it.

- speakers required -
White Landline Earpiece

Maybe you're not concerned as much with being able to see the meeting, but would like to be able to listen in? You may use a land-line or other phone service to dial into the meeting and listen, but be aware that you will not be able to speak or utilize all the cool features the software has to offer, like chatting with staff and/or other attending members, or accessing any files or polls that have been uploaded.

- limited features -
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