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WPS Contact Change

Hello Association Owners,

I am retiring at the end of this week and my replacement, Tamara, is currently going through training in Manson.

Tamara Szafas will continue working out of Manson, as the rest of the Seattle accounting staff is transitioning over the next few months to working from their homes.

Those paying through the Lockbox (P.O. Box 3632), ZEGO or ACH (autopay) will need no change.

Those usually paying by sending a check to WPS Inc. (formally at 901 5th Ave., Suite 550, Seattle) will need to change to:

P.O. Box 426, Manson, WA 98831.

Your phone contact for Tamara will be the same as it was for me: 206.286.2270 as it is being transferred. She will also have a Wapato Point Resort extension: 509.687.9511 ext. # 310 in case there is any difficulty getting through on the 206 line.

Your email contact for Tamara is:

All Vendors should send invoices to:

It has been a great joy getting to know you and your association over the years and I wish all the best for you!


Ginger Rodgers

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