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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Dear Sun Cove Member,

We anticipate that this year may be a bad year for fires, and the Board of Directors wants to be proactive and protect our community. The goal is to mitigate our fire hazard to our community, and we need everyone’s help to achieve it.

The Association is requesting that all members clear all potential fire hazards from their Sun Cove properties by July 11, 2021. Please click HERE to view a Homeowners checklist and guides to reduce your home or property’s risk. Also, if you wish to have someone clear your lot, the following link is of local contractors specializing in fire prevention: For further Wildfire Prevention information, please visit the Wildfire Prevention Resources page on the website:

We also want to remind you that per our Covenant 1.13.2, it is your responsibility to maintain your lots. If not compliant with covenant 1.13.2, the board will be required to take further action.

1.13.2 Wildfire Prevention. Each Owner will maintain wildfire prevention barrier zones out to their property line in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of the Association pursuant to recommendations from wildfire prevention agencies.

The good news is that the Sun Cove membership has substantially reduced its loss exposure by addressing community vulnerabilities. As a result, relatively small investments of time and effort will reap great rewards in wildfire safety. If you have any questions, please contact the Association office at 509-784-1166.


Board of Directors, Lake Entiat Lodge Associated

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