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Snow Removal Letter

Updated: Jan 27

Dear Sun Cove HOA Community Members,

I hope this letter finds you well. As the Director of Facilities and Maintenance, I would like to take a moment to clarify and inform you about Sun Cove's snow removal policy on our private roads, particularly in regards to the prioritization of our efforts and the "wrinkles" that may result from snowplowing.

Priority for Vital Access:

Following common county guidelines, our primary goal during and after a snow event is to ensure vital access is maintained within our community. To achieve this, we have established a clear prioritization system. First and foremost, we place priority on the safety and convenience of our residents. School bus routes and major arterials are designated as top priorities for snow removal. These thoroughfares play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of residents, including students and workers, during inclement weather. Also consistent with county guidelines for the rest of the community, we do not plow multiple times per day.

Wrinkles and Private Driveways:

We understand that our snowplow operators, while diligently clearing the roads, may inadvertently push snow aside, creating what is commonly referred to as a "wrinkle." These wrinkles can sometimes block private driveways. However, it is essential to note that it is Sun Cove's policy not to clear or unblock private driveways. We kindly ask our citizens to be prepared for such situations and clear the wrinkle between their driveways and the roads themselves.

Private Services for Hire:

We recognize that not everyone may have the means or capability to clear these wrinkles independently. For your convenience, there are services for hire outside of Sun Cove as well as members within our community who have offered their assistance to clear your driveway entrances and ensure you have safe access to the road. We encourage residents to explore these options if needed.

Fire hydrants:

Keeping fire hydrants clear of snow and ice is not the responsibility of County crews nor Sun Cove crews. If you have concerns about a fire hydrant, contact your local fire district. Or, better yet, take the time to clear a hydrant in case an emergency should strike.

Keep Yourself and Children Safe:

Remind children never to build snow forts near the street. Snowplow drivers cannot see children who may be playing in a fort or hiding in a snow bank. And don’t let your children near an oncoming snowplow. While it might look like fun to be covered in the cascading snow, rocks and other debris in the snow may injure a by-stander. When encountering a snow plow operating in the area, it's crucial to stay well back from the curb to ensure the plow can effectively clear the road. Maintaining a safe distance allows the plow to achieve the necessary speed (25-30 mph) to throw snow off the road, preventing the formation of wrinkles (berms) and ensuring optimal passing space for all.

Please note that storm drains and other areas where melting snow and water can gather, often freeze, causing icy surfaces. Our snow removal services do not include extra salting or otherwise mitigating these areas. Please use extra caution when walking on our roads in the winter as they may be slippery, particularly around the storm drains. We cannot guarantee our regular snow mitigation efforts will be able to clear all of the ice.

By adhering to this policy, we can efficiently manage snow removal within our community, maintaining safety and accessibility as our utmost priorities. If you have any questions or require assistance in connecting with private services, please do not hesitate to reach out to our facilities and maintenance team. If you are a member who wishes to help with driveway clearing, please reach out to our maintenance and facilities team so we can add your name to the list. To reach us, contact the office at and Lynsey will forward your information to the committee

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the efficient snow removal process within Sun Cove. We will continue to make every effort to keep our community safe and accessible during the winter season.

Thank you for your attention, and we wish you a safe and pleasant winter season.


Wade Oswald

Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Sun Cove HOA Community

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