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Private Roads Reseal


Central Paving will be be crack sealing, and seal coating all of the roads in the Community Property area following the below schedule.

We realize this could have an impact on the comings and goings of our residents, but as this process is extremely weather dependent it has a short notification window.

For our residents that live on these roads, please note if you are expecting deliveries of large items such as construction supplies, to contact your vendors to reschedule. Also, please ensure ALL vehicles are parked on your property and not on the Community Property street surface.

For the community as a whole, if at all possible try to avoid the noted areas especially on the Tuesday and Wednesday to reduce congestion.

Unfortunately there are times that progress has the downside of minor inconveniences.

Thank you all for all your patience!

Monday May 8th

Cleaning of all roads highlighted in GREEN and RED of debris, weeds etc.

Tuesday May 9th

Crack sealing and seal coating of all areas highlighted in GREEN.

Wednesday May 10th

Crack sealing and seal coating of all areas highlighted in RED.

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