Updated: Sep 23, 2020

June 19, 2020 Hello Members, We had some challenges with the scheduling software so have had to make an adjustment to the pool pre-scheduling to ensure fairness to all members.  The online pre-scheduling will be available from 7:30pm (day prior to use) to 9:30am (the day of use).  We must also limit access to 5 per property owned for pre-scheduling.  Pre-schedule will be available 1 day prior so all have equal opportunity to book with the severely limited slots available to 439 members. The online scheduling will be available from 7:30pm (day prior to use) to 9:30am (the day of use).  Please understand that this is for pre-scheduling and that if the schedule is not full, the use will be 1st come 1st served.  Those using the pool at that time will only be asked to exit if the schedule is full or no members are waiting to enter.

How to pre-schedule for a 1 hour slot for up to 5 people:

- Go to

- Click on the SCHEDULE POOL USE tab.

- Click on the SCHEDULE button.

- Set up your account on Omnify (don’t forget to add each member of your family to the profile).

- Select date/time of use and up to 4 of your family/friends who will be using the facility with you.

Secondly, the clubhouse must remain closed as we do not have staff available to watch the pool access door to ensure pool capacity is honored.  This and adding pool open hours will be reviewed at the Board Meeting June 26th for consideration as extra staff will be required. Lastly, if users are not complying with social distancing measures or face coverings, the Department of Health can close the facility and assess up to $10,000 in fines.  Please be mindful that your actions could affect MANY, so keep 6’ apart and wear your mask if out of the pool. Thank you, Jeri Fifer Community Manager

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