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Off-Leash Park Closure

Lake Entiat Estates members,

We wanted to let you know that the new off-leash pet area located on the spit between the center and upriver lagoons will no longer be available as an off-leash area for your pets. At our annual meeting, a member raised the question of whether all government agencies were advised and approved of our plans. The Board committed to following up with any agencies that may have been missed and could have concerns. The Board confirmed a restriction exists that prevents an off-leash park at this location. It has been found that while there is no ban on pets in this area, fences are not allowed within 75 feet of the high watermark. There is a special riparian protection zone preventing this for the safety of our native wildlife. The Board wishes to apologize to those members who have tested and enjoyed the proposed location. However, with this restriction, we will not be able to locate a fenced off-leash park in an area that offers access to the river. Sharing this concern is an excellent example of how invaluable volunteerism is and how dependent an HOA is on leveraging all expertise and knowledge available within the community. This is why involvement in our committees is so important. If you have experience and knowledge about any area our committees are looking into, please reach out and share it with them, or better yet, join them in their deliberations. The committee will now look at other options to consider and propose relocating this amenity in compliance with these restrictions and where a majority of our interested owners will find it agreeable.


LELA Board of Directors

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