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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Sun Cove Members,

I wanted to reach out to everyone because recently we have had a few issues come up, and we need your assistance in making sure we are keeping Sun Cove safe and are not going to lose our recycle trailer.


· Any ember-producing fires are strictly prohibited! Please remind your guests and young adult children that it is extremely dangerous for wildfires this time of year. There is a burn ban in effect as of June 1, 2021.

· Ensure to clean up any brush or fire fuel items off your property, per our covenant 1.13.2 Wildfire Prevention. Each Owner will maintain wildfire prevention barrier zones out to their property line in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of the Association pursuant to recommendations from wildfire prevention agencies.

· If you own a vacant lot, please make sure you are clearing your property of sagebrush and weeds.

· If you smoke, please make your cigarettes/cigars are out completely and dispose of them properly.

· If you see anyone having a fire down on the beach or community property, call our Safety Services team at 509-670-5182. If it is after hours, please report it to the Douglas County Sheriff’s department.


We are a part of the Douglas County Recycle program, which provides us with a recycle trailer for FREE, and I want Sun Cove to continue participating in this program. However, we need your help getting the word out that, only CLEAN RECYCLABLES can go in the recycle trailer and are recycled in the correct bins properly.

Unfortunately, I recently received this letter from Douglas County:

Hello Stacey,

I am hoping that you can help us with something in regards to the recycling trailer. The past couple of times we have picked it up it the contents have been horrible. It is at least ½ full of household garbage, bottles, diapers, food & other debris. This time there was a huge pile of maggots & some other kind of gross items. One thing about source separated recycling (recycling that individuals separate) is that it needs to be clean. We can’t bale cardboard that is greasy, has garbage in it or has maggots on it. We have to remove all garbage from the recycling before we can bale it. This means that they have to hand separate all the cans, bottles, paper & cardboard from the household garbage, diapers, glass bottles and maggot infested food debris. This is extremely time consuming and honestly a very gross process. We don’t have an issue of this magnitude with any of our other recycling trailers, so it is imperative that we get on top of this situation right away. I understand how difficult it is to monitor what people are disposing of in the trailer but somehow we need to emphasize to the residence how important it is that only recyclables get placed into the trailer.

One other issue is that we need to make sure that any signage that is placed on the recycling trailer be secured with painters tape ONLY. Using any other kind of tape leave behind residue that we have to take time to remove.

Thank you for working with us to ensure that we can support a beneficial recycling program for all those at SunCove.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Becci Piepel, Director

Solid Waste Programs

Please remind your guests and children to recycle clean recycling only, as well as to abide by the following:

Please don't overfill the trailer. The flaps on each slot need to be able to close. If you can't get them to close, please put your recyclables in the compactor.

Please make sure you're putting the right recyclables in the correct slot. The Cardboard slots are for corrugated cardboard only. (See image to the right for an example of corrugated cardboard.) Items such as egg cartons and cereal boxes are not corrugated. Non-corrugated cardboard goes in the Mixed Paper slot.

When in doubt, please stop by the office and ask or throw it in the trash compactor.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep Sun Cove safe, clean, and the best place to live!!


Stacey Browning

Community Manager

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