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Christmas Decorating Party Review


If you stop by the clubhouse this December, you will notice how successful the Christmas decorating potluck was. Everything is so festive and the tree is beautiful. Thank you to Ruth and Cory Prentice for hosting, as well as Paul and Karen Dobrasz for decorating. Happy Holidays!

New Compactor Signs


In order to clarify the usage of our compactor, 

we have updated the signs we have on display. 

Please look them over next time you are in the area.


December Events

The annual Christmas Decorating Party will be on Tuesday, December 3rd, this year. It starts at 4 pm and goes until 6.

It's a potluck, so bring a dish to share and your own drink.

Sip 'N' Dip and Grapes & Grub


All events were a success!

Thanks to Don & Carol Sass for hosting the October 30th Sip'n' Dip.

Approximately 20 people took part in the event,

including 2 new neighbors! 

Thanks to Paul & Karen Dobrasz for hosting

the November 20th Sip'n'Dip.

Thank you to Lois Linth & Laurie Dowling for hosting the Grapes & Grub event. Not only did they host, but they prepared a 3-course meal for all 45 attendees to enjoy! Also, thanks to Mark Garvin from Tipsy Canyon for providing the wine.

November Events


On November 9th, in the Club House, Laurie Dowling & Lois Linth will be hosting the Grapes & Grub event. There will be a selection of wines from Tipsy Canyon Wine to taste (and for purchase) and a catered 3 course dinner. Event starts at 5:30 PM. Don't forget to bring your own wine glass!

Register at the Sun Cove office, or email admin@suncove.net, no later than November 1st. Space is limited to 48 people.

There will also be another Sip 'n' Dip.

This social, happy hour, event will be on November 20th.

It will be at 4pm in the clubhouse.

Bring a finger food, to share, and your own drink!


Oktoberfest Poker Run


Thank you to all those who helped out and those who participated.

A special thanks to Wally Wheeler for hosting.

We had about 38 participants; congratulations to our winners! 

^ 1st Place: Dave Lutz ^

^ 2nd Place: Jennifer Lervold (left) | 3rd Place: Ray & Stevie Simone (right) ^

October Events


The Oktoberfest Poker Run is back, and it's on October 12th!​ And for a 5th time this year, we will have the Sip 'n' Dip event. It will be on October 30th.

* Registration is needed for the Oktoberfest Poker Run only.


Meet Lynsey!

She comes from East Wenatchee.


When you are in the area, please stop by the office and help us welcome Lynsey to the community as our new Administrative Assistant!




Otto Ross has re-opened his yard waste services! A reminder to please follow all signage to see where each item is to be taken. 


Remember, the dumpster rolloff and compactor is never for yard waste.

Thank you to Otto Ross for allowing this yard waste service!

To see where to dispose of non-household garbage, click here!


2019 Chili Cook-off recap!


Thank you to everybody who participated in this year's Chili Cook-off! This year we had 4 judges, 10 cooks and alot of tast testers! For those of you who did not make it down, here are the winners of the cook-off:

1st Place, Judges Choice:

Bob & Michelle Hawk

2nd Place, Judges Choice:

Doug & Winnie Hill

3rd Place, Judges Choice:

Dennis Rose

1st Place, People's Choice:

Joe Wilson

1st Place, Theme:


NCRL Bookmobile                                  8.06.19

Get ready for the bookmobile on August 13th from 1:30 to 2:30!



August Events

The 12th Annual Chili Cookoff will be held on August 31st 2019!

Please email admin@suncove.net if you are interested in registering! We need at least 10 participants in order to keep this event going.


CLICK HERE to read more about what it means to participate!




The full 4th of July schedule is here!

Aaron Crawford will be returning this year on July 5th, as well as the Annual Parade, Association-Sponsored BBQ Lunch, Games and more!

We are still actively seeking volunteers to help with this annual event. Without the generosity of each volunteer, this event would not be possible. Sign up sheets are posted in the clubhouse; you may also sign up electronically HERE.



Can you believe the 4th of July is here?! The big parade is coming through the cove on July 4th, and if you were wondering where, check out the map!


 4TH OF JULY 2019                                  6.08.19

That most famous and beloved of Sun Cove events, the Fourth of July Celebration, will be here before you know it! But it doesn't just happen on its own--it takes dozens of individuals to make the event as wonderful as it is. The Fourth of July can only take place if there are community volunteers. If you enjoy this great event, take some time to give back to the community and help keep it going! Volunteers are always needed. Click the button below if you'd like to help out. Let's make this year as best as it can be!


There's nothing quite like a little spring cleaning to get you ready for summertime. Sun Cove is having its community-wide yard and garage sale on May 25th at 9 am - 4 pm. Each owner is responsible for his/her own sale; the Association is providing advertising only. For more information CLICK HERE. See you all there!



The deadline for opting into the Association's reduced-rate backflow-assembly testing program has passed! We are no longer accepting Program Opt-Ins. 

Most Sun Cove residents qualify for submitting mandatory annual backflow assembly tests, per state and Sun Cove regulations. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify, give the office a call or drop us an email. (If you turned in a test last year, chances are high that you must submit a test this year, as well.)


Remember, in most cases the Association must receive an annual backflow assembly test for your property by the absolute deadline of before August 30th, 2019, for you to avoid having your water shut off.

To learn more about cross-connection prevention CLICK HERE. Click the button below for the contact info of Sun Cove's hired vendor for 2019! Please note that if you choose to contract with this vendor, you may not receive the reduced opt-in price.

If you opted into Sun Cove's 2019 Backflow Assembly Testing Program, and a representative of Chelan Backflow is testing your device, you are still responsible to schedule your own service time if your presence is required. The Association will relay your chosen service dates and specified contact information to the vendor as supplied by your opt-in forms, but cannot schedule your appointments for you--that is between you and the vendor.

MEMBERSHIP SURVEY                         4.26.19

The Association would like membership input regarding the RV/Trailer Covenants! Your opinions are important and help drive the future of Sun Cove. The Survey was sent to all members who have signed up to receive the E-Newsletter (you can do so HERE, or by clicking the "@" symbol in the header and footer of each Sun Cove website page). If you are not signed up to receive the E-Newsletter and electronic surveys, you may request access to the survey by clicking the button below! Please note the survey is for SUN COVE MEMBERS ONLY.

UPDATE 5.04.19-- The survey deadline has passed! Thank you to all who participated with constructive feedback.

NEW FACES                                               4.26.19

There were no less than 8 members running for Board positions this year, including three up for re-election! To those of you that ran, WE THANK YOU--HOAs are at their best when their members are active. We appreciate you! 

Congratulations to our newly-elected Directors: We are excited to welcome Chad Evans, Bob Hawk & Kim Martin. Welcome to the Board!

We would also like thank members Nick Nelson, Darrell Richards and Bill Kneadler for their past service on the Board. The Association cannot express enough gratitude for their contributions and countless hours spent working on behalf of the community.

Please also welcome new Administrative Assistant Briana Craven to the Sun Cove team! Drop on down to the on-site office to welcome Briana! While previous Assistant Jessicah Curry is no longer Administrative Assistant, she is helping with the transitional period, so you might receive correspondence from her as well.


SIP N' DIP SOCIAL IV                              4.24.19

Watch out, everyone, there's a new Sun Cove tradition in town! Community members have been hosting a monthly Sip N' Dip Social since February, and we're still going strong! Come on down to the clubhouse on Saturday, May 11th from 4pm to 6pm-- Bring your own "sip" and your own "dip," some food or drink to share. Utensils will be provided. Thanks to members Don and Carol Sass for hosting the event--they're the ones who started the tradition!

UPDATE 5.05.19 - Don Sass is no longer able to host the Sip N' Dip! Sharon Podlich has volunteered to do so in his stead if possible. Thanks to her for picking this up!

EMERGENCY FUND-RAISER             4.07.19

As some of you already know, the home on 570 W Entiat Drive burned to the ground on Friday, April 5th, un-homing the family of 6 that dwelled there. While there were no injuries, the family--the Garcias, who have lived there for almost a decade--are in need of assistance in finding their feet in this difficult time, so if you want to help them out, head on over to one of their Gofundme pages, found below. Either fund works!

If you have items (hygiene items, diapers, clothing) you're willing to donate, there are bins available at the clubhouse (please be conscientious with your items!). Details on the ages of the family members may be found on the Gofundme fundraiser pages; if actual sizes are divulged, the information will be updated here.

4.14.19 EVENTS                                          3.29.19

PANCAKE BREAKFAST & LONG-RANGE PLANNING MEMBER MEETING- Whether you're looking to discuss the topics of the previous day's Annual Meeting with other members and your Board, or just looking for a fun way to mingle, meet new members and catch up with old ones, Sun Cove's Pancake Breakfast is a great way to start the day. Come on down! Additionally, Director Bill Tucker will be holding a "Q & A" meeting for interested members regarding Long-Range Planning directly afterward, so bring your appetites AND your questions!

GOING-AWAY PARTY- Longtime employees Jason and Jessicah are leaving their positions at Sun Cove! If you're in the area for the Annual Meeting, there will be a going-away, "open-house" style social event from 4pm to 6pm at the clubhouse should you wish to see them off, so swing on by to thank them for their years of excellent service to the Association and wish them good luck on their next life adventure! Finger-foods will be served. BYOB!

YARD WASTE PICKUP                            3.27.19

It's that time of year again! If you have yard waste you're looking to get rid of, the Association is hosting another curbside pickup service. Please consult the flyer below for valuable information on how to dispose of your materials in order to qualify for the pickup, as there are stringent requirements. Let's do what we can to minimize fire risk within the community so that when summer hits, we can all focus on enjoying it!


In the past few years, the Association has experienced growth in almost every aspect. One of these areas involves member communication, with members able to join meetings remotely, from devices such as phones, tablets and computers, even traditional land-lines. However, not everybody is 'technology-savvy'--and that includes your very own staff, who are only able to offer the most basic of assistance.

Do you consider yourself 'technology-impaired'? Or maybe you'd just like a little more hands-on experience to better your understanding? Association member Brandon Fix has volunteered to assist members with familiarizing themselves with Zoom Conferencing via a 'practice meeting'! If you'd like to log into a real 'live' meeting for practice using Zoom's features, register below. Thank you to Brandon for volunteering!

Hosted by community member Brandon Fix

Monday, April 8th, @ 10am

RECYCLING IN SUN COVE                 3.18.19

As many of you already know, the feasibility of recycling programs has recently become much more complicated for several reasons (such as detailed in THIS article from the end of last year). The Association's current 8-yard containers for recycling are being replaced with a 35-yard roll-off container, which will be serviced on Mondays when full. Due to a reduction in recycle service offered by Waste Management, recycling service will not be available until later in March. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but you may NOT leave items in the interim; please utilize the compactor, or store them at your property to await the 'recycle-designated' dumpster. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE 3.25.19 - PLEASE NOTE that due to cost and feasibility issues, Sun Cove is no longer able to offer recycling as a service to the members and the program has been discontinued. We are sorry for the inconvenience!


It's that time of year again--time to think about how you will service your backflow protection device for 2019! The Association has put together the 2019 backflow assembly testing program for member convenience. This year's contracted BAT is Jeff Field of Chelan Backflow. The opt-in form has been mailed to all members qualifying for mandatory annual backflow assembly tests.  


If you'd like the Association to handle getting your tests this year (and at a cheaper rate!) then simply turn in your opt-in form and the fee of $36 to the office before April 20th, 2019, to achieve compliance for 2019.


To read more about cross-connection prevention click HERE.

To see the average cost for backflow assembly tests by state in 2017 click HERE.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES!                           3.10.19

Do you know of someone who might be interested in the full-time, salaried position of a Facilities Supervisor for Sun Cove? Long-time employee (and member--he grew up here!) Jason Knight is leaving his post at Sun Cove and will no longer be available as a contact for assistance with your Water or Grounds needs/concerns; the Association has contracted Don DeFord to help manage the community's water system until the new hire can become certified, but is still in need of a Facilities Supervisor for seeing to the  grounds, which means a very unique position is opening up.

Administrative Assistant Jessicah Curry will also be leaving Sun Cove in April. To read more about both positions, click the buttons belowand a big THANK YOU to staff for their hard work in mainting a standard of excellence within the community. We're sorry to see them go and wish them the best of luck out there!

SIP N' DIP SOCIAL III                               3.08.19

Community member Don Sass hosted a Sip and Dip social event in February, and Paul and Karen Dobrasz hosted one of their own in March--now, members Corey and Ruth Prentice are planning on hosting another in April! Come on down to the clubhouse on Saturday, April 6th from 4pm to 6pm! Bring your own "sip" and your own "dip," some food or drink to share. Utensils will be provided. Thanks to members Corey and Ruth Prentice for hosting the event--could this be a new Sun Cove tradition?

SIP N' DIP SOCIAL II                                2.05.19

Did you miss the Sip N' Dip event hosted by Don Sass on February 2nd? Or perhaps you didn't, and you enjoyed the experience? Luckily for you, there will be another Sip N' Dip event next month! Come on down to the clubhouse on Saturday, March 2nd from 4pm to 6pm! Bring your own "sip" and your own "dip," some food or drink to share. Utensils will be provided. Thanks to member Paul Dobrasz for putting on the event!



UPDATE: The Short-Term Rental Cap of 18 has been reached by January 31st, 2019!

As per the Covenants, a Lottery will take place on February 15th, 2019, 10am at the Association office, wherein properties will be drawn for authorization to rent within the community on a short-term basis. The procedure is completely impartial and is open to both view and participation by members.

UPDATE 2.06.19 - VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED! We still need ONE MORE Conductor! If you'd like to help draw properties for approval, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 2.08.19 - We have our five conductors! Thank you to all who volunteered.


At the end of 2018, an unofficial member poll showed that over a hundred members were interested in attending Board meetings remotely. At the January 2019 Board Meeting the Board approved utilizing Zoom to accomplish this. We are proud to announce that remote attendance of Board meetings is now open to the membership!


Remote attendance will be for community members only, and members will be required to pre-register in order to attend. The registration links will be a permanent addition to the Board Meeting date announcement pinned to this page. Please also be aware that this is new software and may take some getting used to--we appreciate your patience!


WOULD YOU LIKE TO REGISTER TO REMOTELY ATTEND THE FEBRUARY 22ND BOARD MEETING? Click the button below to register to attend online!


CLICK HERE to read more about how to join a Zoom meeting as an attendee.





SIP N' DIP SOCIAL                                   1.20.19

Looking for a fun way to begin the new year? Come on down to the clubhouse on February 2nd for a "Sip n' Dip" social event from 4pm to 6pm! Bring some food or drink to share. Thanks to member Don Sass for putting on the event!

SUN COVE NAME TAGS                                     1.20.19

Have you ever gone to a social event, meeting or other gathering and had to introduce yourself, or noticed you don't know hardly anyone there? Name tags are a quick and fun way to take care of that problem! If you'd like a permanent Sun Cove name tag, contact the office--this is not an Association project or expense, but the office can take your orders and collect your money on behalf of community member Don Sass, (whose idea it was, and who will be working with the vendor involved)--read more about it HERE, if you're a member of the member-run Sun Cove Facebook page!


1. Tag is made of durable plastic, attached via magnet--no pinning or piercing

2. Tag dimensions are 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" and have Sun Cove name and logo

3. Cost for a tag is $9, pre-pay only


There is a shipping discount for orders of over ten tags, so if you'd like one, get in touch!

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