Backflow Assembly Installation Demo

—Jason Knight, June 2016


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  • What Exactly Is Cross-Connection Control? Click the link to find out!

  • If you're still unsure of what backflow is, CLICK HERE to see a very short but useful video clip (from the Charleston Water System, South Carolina) that explains it visually. (Please note that the contact info in this video clip is not for our area; the clip is has been provided merely as an illustration of what cross-connection contamination is.)

  • Click HERE for examples of backflow incidents from the 70s and 80s, and click HERE for a detailed, in-depth account of many backflow incidents, complete with illustrations and schematics (starting on page 4).

  • Check here for how to inspect your own system and prevent backflow!

  • Click HERE for a list of approved backflow assemblies.


Safety in any system that services many people, especially communities that include children and the elderly, is of paramount importance. In past national cases of poor or no cross-connection control, serious illness and even deaths have occurred because of the resulting contamination. It is the privilege of the Sun Cove staff, Board of Directors and community members to ensure, together, that Sun Cove remain safe, reliable and certified compliant with all necessary regulations for the future enjoyment of all the members.


A cross-connection is any connection in a water system that could allow "bad," or non-potable, water to come into contact with "good," or potable, water. By law (WAC 246-290-490), Sun Cove must be in compliance with Cross Connection Control regulations. For the most part, this applies to owners of "in-ground" irrigation systems, although things like swimming pools or any system that connects a chemical deemed hazardous to the public water supply will also require protection.


1. In 2020 all members with water service were required to complete and submit the "Cross-Connection Control Survey." Members will be re-issued a survey every 5 years to document changes to their independent water systems. If you do not know how to answer a question, please specify that you are unsure so the water manager knows to get in touch with you to work with you.

2. Click HERE for the Installation Packet that was provided to members needing to install backflow protection.  (Please note that the Backflow Assembly Installation Demo, hosted by Jason Knight, was for 2016 only.)

















Everybody's system is different. If you have a hot tub, you must fill out and submit the form HERE if you have not done so already.

If you need to install backflow protection for your lawn irrigation, CLICK HERE for the Dept. of Health's helpful brochure, which contains diagrams of the process.

CLICK HERE to look at the cross-connection control section of the Water FAQ of this website. Click HERE for the Association's Cross-Connection Resolution.

As always, contact your Water Manager if you have any questions regarding cross-connection control, and thank you for helping to keep Sun Cove's water safe for everyone!