We have contracted with H2O Connections NW to perform the tests this year. They will test your device anytime between May 15th and September 1st.

The program will be funded from the association Water Reserve account again, so you do not need to write a check. Also, unless you choose to OPT-OUT of the program, you are IN the program if you have a backflow device. 


To OPT-OUT of the Program:

You must contact the association office before May 1st to OPT-OUT of the program. You can call 509-784-1166 or email backflow@suncove.net. Understand that by doing so, you will be solely responsible to hire and pay a licensed Backflow Assembly Tester of your choice to perform and submit the test results to the association no later than September 1st.


Contact Information for the Tester:

Should the association contracted backflow tester need to get ahold of you, for any reason, we need to know what contact information you would like us to provide to the tester. Please fill out this form:

Automatic Backflow Device Repair:

H2O Connections NW is offering automatic backflow device repair to be done at the time of testing, should your device test fail. The repairs are NOT included in the association backflow device test program, so you will financially be responsible for any repairs made to your device. To sign up for automatic backflow device repair, fill out this form:

If you have more than one property with a backflow device, you will need to fill out a Backflow Device Repair Authorization form for each device.

The above forms are also available at the association office. You can submit the forms via email (backflow@suncove.net), via mail (250 W Beach Dr, Orondo WA 98843), or by dropping them off at the office (255 W Beach Dr, Orondo WA 98843).

If You Have an Inaccessible Device

& Need to Schedule a Test:

Please select a Saturday and a 30-minute timeframe to have your device tested from the scheduler below. Use the down arrow, at the bottom of the scheduler, to view more dates and times. If you own more than one property with an inaccessible device, you will need to schedule a Saturday and a time frame for each backflow device. You will also need to fill out and submit this form: