2020 Backflow Assembly Test Program



In an attempt to streamline the process needed to provide this program to our membership, the Board of Directors approved an amendment to the test program this year. They voted to fund the program from the association Water Reserve account, which is funded by your annual association assessments. This eliminates the need for you to write and mail a check to join the program and staff won't have to process all those checks!


Unless you choose to OPT-OUT of the program, you are IN the program if you have a backflow device. You will not be contacted further unless your device test fails, which would then require repair/replacement and retesting. Please understand that only one test is covered under this program.


We have contracted with Chelan Backflow to perform the tests again this year and have secured a discounted bulk rate again. They will test your device between May 21tst and September 15th and place a blue flag next to your device.

Do you have an inaccessible device?

You must complete a schedule form for inaccessible backflow devices.

How to Opt-Out of the Test Program

You must contact the association office before May 6th, or click the button below, to request to OPT-OUT of the program. Understand that by doing so, you will be solely responsible to hire and pay a licensed Backflow Assembly Tester of your choice to perform and submit the test results to the association no later than September 30th.   


Optional Repair Form

You can enter into an agreement with Chelan Backflow to complete repair/replacement of your device, up to $120, by clicking the button below before May 6th. This is not a requirement of the association program. All device repairs/replacements and retesting performed are your responsibility to pay directly to Chelan Backflow.


What is a backflow? Why is a device necessary? Why does it need testing every year?

In-ground irrigation systems, and other water uses such as pools and hot tubs, require the installation and annual testing of a valve used to guard against backflow, aka water flowing backward. Backflow can allow contaminants to be distributed from your property into the water distribution line and put others at risk. In response to this risk, State and Federal laws have been made, one of which requires backflow valves to be installed (for certain water uses) AND that they be tested annually to ensure the device is functioning properly.


Device questions? Contact the Water Manager, Don Deford: 

509-669-8356 or ddeford@nwi.net


Program questions? Contact the association office:  

509-784-1166 or admin@suncove.net


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Contact Information Form

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